Inspiracje florystyczne

inspiracje florystyczne

This past summer was one with many highs. My 3rd son was born in February and I’ve been soaking in every parenting moment I can, knowing this will be our last baby. I didn’t take on too many weddings because I am truly trying to be present over perfect this year ( Must Read: Present over Perfect, by Shauna Niequist) But I have to honestly say that I was going though an identity crisis. I wasn’t hearing the still small voice and should have been feeling so full with all the opportunities that trickled my way. Running a business is hard. Being a mom is harder. Being a wife isn’t easy either. And even in a positive profession as wedding flowers, I was lost.

Lost individually and lost creatively. I wasn’t getting excited about wedding work like I once was. I was offered to contribute to an online workshop and that sparked my interest in growing my business. It got me thinking,  but I still didn’t know where exactly I PERSONALLY wanted to grow my business, let alone how and for what reason. I still wasn’t filled, not really to my soul. So I did something I don’t do well. I asked. I asked my God where do I go from here? Help me see what steps to take next. I asked for help. These things I’ve done just haven’t given me the life I’m craving.

So friends, prayer took the forefront. And let me tell you what I heard… (Jer 3:33, Zeph 3:17) And through my late night perusing on instagram (guilty!) , I saw that beautiful image posted  by Sinclair and Moore that another scholarship opportunity was available. (big breath here) Should I do this? What if I get chosen? How do I get there? How do I carve out time? Why would they chose me? What if it just doesn’t stick with me after I’m done? What would I have to offer, and so on and so on…

But I felt a confidence that I haven’t felt in a while and went for it.

This workshop was life giving friends. And I’m not saying that because I was chosen for a scholarship. I have attended workshops, and I was even given a chance to write a review for a previous course. But this one was different. It was good for my soul. The friends I met were immediately warm and welcoming. No one was too good or too cold. It was personal. It was intentional and it was REAL. Steve was an amazing host and teacher and started the weekend in the most genuine, supportive way.

These are the things we gain by collaborating and taking risks in meeting with others and asking for help. I left the S&Moore workshop, not only learning new tricks and skills, but gaining confidence and understanding that I can be successful, and that I can inspire others. I have a charge now to give back and encourage others in my field, not just run a business. If I can give back they way Steve does, I have succeeded. If I can be intentional in all I do (mothering, wifeing, teaching, working) I’ve won. I’m on the right track.

I hope you enjoy these photos by Katie Parra from my experience. And I really hope you have the opportunity to met Steve and his family. Words can’t really describe the ripple effect it will have to so many.

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